4 Ways to Dress Like Your Favourite Flavour for Halloween

The time has come Halloweeners. Time to start making some hard choices about what you're going to be for the season's biggest holiday. Whether you'll be hopping from party to party or chilling at home watching scary movies, a great costume is a must.

And as much fun as it can be to dress up as a zombie witch or a ghoustly goul and scare the sprinkles out of your friends, we have a real soft spot for funny, clever costumes. 

And so we bring you these masterpieces of Halloween costumery: your favourite Ben & Jerry's flavours. Here's how to make magic happen this Halloween:

  1. The 'Wich

    Turn your favourite cookie-tastic treat into a reality with this sandwich-style costume. And if you're more of a chocolate kinda-guy, then switch up the t-shirt colour for a Chocolate Fudge Brownie inspired centre - easy!

  2. Phish Food

    Look good AND get your groove on with this funky outfit. Not only can you dress up as a giant fish (and who doesn't want to do that?), a pair of Phish-inspired headphones let you listen to your favourite jam when the stero at your pals party isn't blasting the music you move to. (It's your call if you have Phish Food on your playlist, but "Fluffhead" is one of their finer tunes).

  3. One Love

    Nothing embodies our ethos more than this Bob Marley inspired costume. Taking inspiration from our all-new flavour, One Love, this costume mixes Reggae roots with musical tunes, all topped off with a dose of chilled-out vibes. Peace, love & ice cream.

  4. Make Your Own Flavour

    Tell your creativity to "wake up and get ready for some action!" - the possibilities here are endless; Chocolate Fudge Bobby, Half Jake-d, Sophie So Good, Cookie Bro (we could do this all day). Make your own wearable tub out of two pieces of cardboard: paint or print them with Ben & Jerry's logo and your own awesome flavour name, staple or glue them together into a circle shape, and attach it to yourself with clip-on suspenders. (Lid hat and oversized spoon optional).